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Architectural Engineering and Construction Science

Architectural Engineering

At K-State, the aim of the architectural engineering (ARE) curriculum is to prepare entry-level engineers for the consulting engineering field who are well-grounded in the engineering specialties, but who also have an understanding of how the building is designed and built, and how the engineering systems fit into the building.

The program integrates a traditional engineering program with building systems courses. This course of study provides the theoretical tools required for engineering design and the ability to apply these tools to architectural structures to provide a completely functional building.

An architectural engineer must be aware of the practical, functional and aesthetic possibilities of contemporary materials and mechanical, electrical and structural systems. As an important member of the building design team, the engineer must be able to create designs that will answer the economic, safety, sustainability, environmental and aesthetic requirements of a project.

In the program, students will complete extensive work in mathematics and engineering, as well as take courses in construction, materials, graphics, design technology tools and building systems. Students will also learn to apply these principles to structural, mechanical, plumbing, power, lighting and low voltage requirements of building design.

The demand for K-State architectural engineering graduates is high and typically exceeds the number of graduates.