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Architectural Engineering and Construction Science

ACI Design Team

ACI Concrete Construction Competition

The Concrete Construction Competition is for undergraduate students with interests in construction technology, construction management and concrete industry management. Student teams (comprising of up to five students each) are given one week to provide a response to a realistic, open-ended question on the subject of concrete construction.

Faculty Advisor for American Concrete Institute Concrete Construction Competition Awards:

  • 2010, 1st Place:  S. Prieto, M. Frey, C. Hansen, K. Essley
  • 2009, 1st Place (tie):  M. Cline, M. Clifford, B. Broza, and T. Dehn
  • 2008, 2nd Place:  P. Bruna, J. Call, J. Long, S.McKain, F. Basgall
  • 2007, 1st Place:  J. Nelson, C. McNeil, C. Baalmann, A. Wiederholt, K. Geisler
  • 2005, 1st Place:  C. Robben, S. Eak, P. Kelley, B. Maximuk
  • 2005, 3rd Place:  N. Pride, B. Clark, Z. Kittle, A. Pecenka, M. Ptacek

ACI Concrete Projects Competition

Entries for the Concrete Projects Competition are due June 1. Virtually any project that focuses on concrete design, materials and/or construction is eligible. These projects can include computer programs, term papers, student activities, senior design projects or special projects.
Faculty Advisor for American Concrete Institute Concrete Projects Competition Awards:

  • 2012, 2nd Place:  S. Wonderlich, “Design of a One-way Floor System for a Library.”

ACI Pervious Concrete Cylinder Competition

Teams are challenged to apply sustainability concepts, and use their knowledge of concrete mixture design by producing pervious concrete that balances permeability and splitting tensile strength. Teams are additionally challenged to develop a mixture design that develops the highest load-to-cost ratio. A report that documents the team’s cylinder production process and preliminary results is also scored.

Faculty Advisor for American Concrete Institute Pervious Concrete Competition Awards Sustainability Report:

  • 2010, 2nd Place:  K. Jones, B. Nyght, C. Kalivoda, W. Nyberg, R. Scott

ACI Art of Concrete Competition

The objectives of the competition are to explore the artistic nature of concrete; to display the varieties, form, function, and beauty of concrete; and attract participation from a broad group of students outside of engineering programs.

For more information regarding the ACI (American Concrete Institute) Design Team, please contact:

Jongchul Song
Kansas State University
Architectural Engineering and Construction Science
2054 Seaton Hall
Manhattan, KS  66506

Bill Zhang
Kansas State University
Architectural Engineering and Construction Science
2038 Seaton Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506