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Architectural Engineering and Construction Science


The Kansas State University Department of Architectural Engineering and Construction Science is nationally recognized for preparing graduates for careers in engineering and construction. The combination of these two programs in one department is unique and prepares students to work effectively as professional members of an integrated architecture-engineering-constructor team, and produce quality design and construction of the built environment.

Creative Inquiry

Architectural engineering students participate in the ASHRAE design competition, which recognizes outstanding student design projects, promotes teamwork and allows students to apply their knowledge of practical design. Since 2005, teams from K-State have been awarded first place five times and second place three times.

Architectural engineering and construction science students participate in the Architectural Engineering Institute student design competition. The emphases of the competition are development and integration of innovative and original solutions, collaboration and peer review. Since the competition began in 2010, K-State has been the only school to have won or placed in at least one of the categories each year.

Construction science and architectural engineering students also participate in the Associated Schools of Construction Region IV student competition, which promotes excellence and a spirit of competition among the various construction programs. K-State teams routinely place in the top three in one or more categories.

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research projects team students and faculty on small-scale, focused projects related to architectural engineering and construction. Recent projects include the following:

  • Emerging technology in construction — the use of Bluebeam, Revit, Navisworks and other software in the construction industry

  • New construction materials from recycled plastic originating from household consumer waste or manufacturing/industrial process waste

  • Better accommodation and retention of females who have successfully completed their engineering education, and enter the building design and construction workforce

  • Design and construction of a sound booth for the Chapman Center for Rural Studies to be used to facilitate historical documentation of rural communities on the verge of extinction

To learn more about the college's research areas, view the Engineering Research and Graduate Programs website.